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Every neighborhood knows when a construction project is in progress. There may be positive signs, such as quick and efficient construction. There can also be negative signs, like loud noises that echo down the street. Flying debris from a hazardous worksite is another one. This is the story for many construction companies, but it doesn’t have to be for your own.

Stop being the noisy new neighbor with the messy front yard. Take advantage of containment shrink wrapping. Protect your project and see the benefits for everyone involved. This includes the community that will welcome a new building, your clients and city regulators, and, most importantly, your bottom line.

Read on to discover why shrink wrapping is the comprehensive solution for removing project obstacles and protecting your profits.

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Removing Project Obstacles

There’s no shortage of obstacles that threaten to derail a construction project—threats that jeopardize a job’s profitability. From complying with city regulations and keeping neighbors from complaining to working through bad weather and preserving project materials, shrink wrapping is your one-size-fits-all solution. Major setbacks shrinkwrapping removes include:

Complying with city regulations

Construction companies are responsible for following the city’s building and safety rules. Hefty fines or project delays can occur for violators. Being known as the construction company that causes problems leaves a mark on your reputation.


Meeting deadlines

Most subcontractors have pre-determined deadlines. This means that work must be uninterrupted so that everyone can meet their goals. When a contractor is unable to begin work, there are financial consequences.


Working with subcontractors

Asking for a roof while working isn’t an un0usual request. However, it can slow down the project when a subcontractor can’t begin because the roof is unfinished. Finding ways to meet the needs of subcontractors establishes a great working relationship and helps all team players meet deadlines.


Limiting complaints from the neighbors

Contractors and neighbors interact more than you think. When the interaction is initiated by frustration or complaint, the consequences are often negative for the construction company. Neighbor complaints can contribute to code violations.

Being at the mercy of the weather

A construction company can’t control the weather, but they can be prepared. Adverse weather is one of the top reasons for project delays. Just imagine what a week of rain and wind can do to uncovered materials.


Losing materials or experiencing vandalism

What else is unpredictable? Theft. When a project site becomes a victim of theft, companies are forced to quickly replace items. This is a hit to the budget. This also impacts how a client feels about a company’s ability to protect its space and preserve materials.


Pausing without penalty

Financial roadblocks happen. The city may take longer than you predicted to approve the next phase of a project. When this occurs, a company can be left with a construction project on pause. The unfinished look can be hazardous and damaging to a company’s reputation.

Protect Your Project

All of the issues above are easily addressed with containment shrink wrapping. Yes, it’s that simple. This professional and cost-effective option helps construction companies stay on track with deadlines, address the potential complaints of neighbors, stay in good standing with city officials, and protect their work-in-progress. It is preferred over a construction barrier wall, which requires more time and money. Here are some of the benefits:

Protect your reputation

Don’t be the talk of the town. No company wants to be known as loud, messy, and late. We understand that a construction project is a huge assignment with multiple phases and materials. To keep things tidy, our shrink-wrapping solution allows you to look good while working.

It’s simple. Shrink wrapping looks clean and professional. Functionally, it is durable, long-lasting, and weather-proof. Did we also mention that it is fire- and UV-retardant? All of these features wrap up your project neatly, protecting you from scenarios that can throw a wrench in meeting deadlines.


Protect your budget

Code violation fines can add up. Missed deadlines also have financial consequences. Containment shrink wrapping allows you to better contain the debris and dust that interfere with city regulations.

Remember, you want to keep your neighbors happy by keeping your area presentable. This covering even allows contractors to work on multiple phases of a project at a time. Keep working — rain or shine.

Protect your project

From unpredictable weather to theft and vandalism, there are many reasons a construction project can come to an abrupt stop. Planning in advance for these very common construction issues is one way to keep the momentum going and meet deadlines.

Containment shrink wrapping allows you to move on to the next phase. With one more layer of protection, thieves also think twice before attempting to disturb your work site. .


Protect your team and neighbors

An uncontained construction site is more than an eyesore. It’s a hazard to not only your team but also bystanders. Uncovered work surfaces after rainfall can become slippery. Wind can blow debris onto workers.

For neighbors, shrink wrapping containment helps to reduce the risk of flying debris, dust particles, and the release of harmful chemicals.

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Containment shrink wrapping is the only solution that eliminates weather delays, contains construction materials, optimizes
project performance, and reduces financial setback. The added benefit is an improved reputation that helps to build
partnerships for future projects.

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